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North Greenhouse

DeWayne's Greenhouses

DeWayne has five greenhouses that are heated for the growing season. Each greenhouse is used for a specific purpose. For instance, our North greenhouse is the second greenhouse to be "fired up" in the spring. It is packed full of larger baskets and pots that need to be planted earlier because of the weeks needed for the plants to fill out and flower. Our Retail greenhouse is used to sell out of. We have our cash register and at least "one of everything to do with annual flowers and vegetables" in that greenhouse.

Arbor Hanging Basket Display

We take pride in our hanging baskets, that are every size, shape and color that you can imagine and range in size from 10 inches to 36 inches. We specialize in top quality hanging baskets planted with the newest plants available on the planet. All of our annual plants are grown here in our greenhouses and we take great care in the growth of each plant. You can be sure to receive healthy and happy annuals, hanging baskets, and specialty flowering containers. Contact us and we can custom plant our baskets or bring in your own containers early in the spring and we can plant them for you.

Indoor Brick Patio Display

Gift Shop

Our gift shop is open during regular business hours. Gifts include an assortment of garden and plant related items of interest to enthusiasts and beginners alike. Gifts include garden decor, wall decor, benches, fountains, memorial items, windchimes, windmills, planters, bird feeders, silk arrangements and whimsical pot stakes. We also carry a large assortment of Bonide products from fungicides to insecticides and also shrub and tree fertilizers.

The NEW Proven Winner "Watermelon Charm" Petunia

Proven Winner annuals are a big part of our greenhouse plant selections. Proven winner plants are preferred by both new and experianced gardeners because a better garden starts with a better plant. Proven winners are top performers. Healthy, disease resistant, and easy to grow producing long lasting color with wow power. There are always many new varieties every year. Please stop in and walk through the greenhouses and see for yourself.

We carry the Proven Winner annuals and perennials, flowering shrubs, ornamental trees, and Proven Selection annuals. We are also a Proven Winner certified greenhouse grower. You can find us on the Proven Winner website.


Plastic pots take up substantial space in landfills, they do not decompose and remain intake for many years. DeWayne's would like to do our share in helping cut down plastic in landfills and encourage you to bring back your clean tree, shrub and flower pots, and hanging baskets and we will guarantee they will be reused.

Seed potato

Seed Potatoes & Onions

Most seed potatoes generate heavy crops and offer a fresh taste unsurpassed by grocery store produce. You can buy and grow potatoes relatively inexpensively. Our seed potatoes that we carry are certified by the Wisconsin Seed Potato Certification Program to insure the seed potatoes are healthy and contain the same and only characteristics of that variety.

Varieties we carry are;

Russet Norkotah Long russet - medium early maturity. Medium sized plants. Tuber are long and smooth with attractive russet skin. Good baking and boiling qualities. Medium yeilding. Susceptible to early dying of plant.

Mega ChipImproved variety of Kennebec.

Norland Red Early maturity. Round red, shallow eyes. Medium size plants. Good Yields. Moderate scab resistance.

Yukon Gold Mid season maturity. Large spreading plans. Emergence can be slow and erratic. Round with pink eyes and yellow flesh. Excellent cooking qualities. Susceptible to scab.

White Onions Extremely quick. Whites are preferred for slicing. Record yields, stores well.

Red Onions

Walla Walla Onions

4 pack Vegetables

A full line of vegetable plants are also available. Tomatoes are available in 4 packs, 4 1/2" pots, 2 gallon pots, and 25 gallon tree bags.

Bloom Date: Sept 5th
Flowers are 4" deep lavender

Hardy "Mums from Minnesota"

We are now growing 12 different varieties and colors of hardy Mums from Minnesota. Some of the varieties that we carry were developed in the 1920's and 30's. We also carry mums developed by the University of Minnesota as far back as 1960's to present.

Mums are popular perennials and they offer a wide variety of flower colors, as well as numerous growth habits. Mums are easy to grow and can provide years of enjoyment.

When planting mums as perennials, select a location with plenty of sun, well-drained soil, and good protection from winter winds. It is critical that you mulch with at least 6" of straw once the ground is frozen.

Bonnie Red Mum

Yoder Decorative Mums by Syngenta Flowers

Mums are a great way to decorate your yard for the fall season and they are so easy to care for. There will be four colors to choose from, and planted in an assortment of different baskets and pots. They also make great indoor flowering plants that can last up to 5-6 weeks. We can decorate and deliver a mum to your friends or neighbors.

Mums are also a beautiful way to add color to a wedding or any other get-together. The size of the plant is what you won't believe. Stop in and see for yourself.

These types of mums are not hardy in this area and should only be purchased as annual plants. They will provide extraordinary color with their masses of long-lasting flowers, even through a light frost.

Cemetery Urn Service

  • New urns and stands for purchase, or we can use yours. (must be 14" diameter)
  • Urns can be planted in the spring with your choice of flowers and delivered to your cemetery plot.
  • Watered and fertilized throughout the summer, up to three times a week.
  • Urns can be picked up again in the fall and the urns stored over winter.
  • We can plant the urns again in the spring.
  • Christmas arrangement designed and delivered to your cemetery plot. Or, choose from a Christmas swag or wreath.
  • You can choose only the items and services that you would like.

Service available at Nora, Orchard Beach, St. Joseph's cemeteries in Rice Lake and Lakeside, Stanfold, and St. Anthony in Cumberland.

We will have many varieties and colors of poinsettias for the holiday gift giving season. They will be decorated with foil, glitter, and wrapped with a beautiful bow so that no two are alike.

Kissing balls are a favorite item for decorating outside for Christmas. Each ball contains a mix of Balsam, Black Hills Spruce, Blue Spruce and Scotch Pine.

Christmas evergreen arrangements will also be available to be delivered to local cemeteries.


Gift Cards Available

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