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DeWayne is constantly striving to
improve his business every year and offer the newest and most unique varieties of landscape designs, plants and products. Please stop in and see what DeWayne is up to now.

Established in 1976


Monday thru Friday
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Front of House with fresh Highland Sod

DeWayne's Landscaping

Established in 1976

We are committed to quality workmanship, competitive pricing and professional integrity in every project we do. We are proud of our innovative solutions to today's complicated construction problems, our ability to adapt to a changing industry, and our total commitment to getting the job done right the first time.

Back of House with Cobblestone Sidewalk, Fieldstone Retaining Walls and Block Steps

Landscape Design Process

1. Site Visit & Consultation: We will visit the site of your potential landscaping project and do a preliminary walk-through and discuss your ideas, goals and budget. We will take measurements and gather any other information we may need to prepare your plan.

2. Design Preparation & Estimate: Using the information gathered in the consultation, we will sketch out a design, giving you an idea of what the project will look like. We will prepare and estimate in document form. It will contain the materials, scope of work, and cost.

3. Specifications: Once you are satisfied with the design, we'll decide on specific materials that fit your personal style and needs.

4. Installation & Follow Up: Once you have approved the estimate and all the details, we will begin to gather all materials necessary for your project. Construction will as soon as our schedule and weather conditions allows. We will work to ensure that the final project is something you are extremely proud of.

More information can be found on the landscaping page.

DeWayne's Sod Farm

Our Highland Sod is a mixture of grass seed varieties grown in a heavier clay soil. Highland sod has a deeper root system and a higher moisture content and has less risk of disease, therefore a thicker, greener, healthier turf. Where as Peat Sod is grown in peat soil, with a high water table. It receives a very high level of moisture, which results in fast growth but is not nearly the quality of highland sod.


When sod is purchased it comes with a thin layer of soil attached to the bottom of the grass. This layer of soil is not enough. You must prepare the area for sodding. Preparation can be done with a tiller, a Harley rake on a skid steer, or by hand. The idea is to reveal as much of the topsoil area as possible for the new roots to grow into. Adding topsoil may be the best direction to go. Sod should be installed on smooth bare soil. If you plan on using weed killer to remove existing grass or weeds, allow 4 weeks for the chemicals to dissolve before installing sod. If you plan to install an irrigation system, this should be done prior to the finished grade. If you do not have an irrigation system, it is vital that there is some type of sprinklers on the job site to set up immediately after installation.

More information listed on the Landscaping Page.


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