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DeWayne is constantly striving to
improve his business every year and offer the newest and most unique varieties of landscape designs, plants and products. Please stop in and see what DeWayne is up to now.

Established in 1976


Monday thru Friday
8:00 to 5:00

8:00 to 12:00

Open Year Round
(Hours will change with the seasons)



We have the nicest sod we have had in the last few years available now, until the ground freezes. There is still time to have that perfect yard that will look even better next year.

Some of our services include......courtyards, paver patios,
sidewalks and driveways, raised gardens, new sodding, plant,
shrub and tree installation, and drainage and erosion control.

DeWayne's Landscaping

Firmly planted since 1976.

DeWayne's Landscaping has been serving customers in Barron, Polk and Washburn counties since 1976. We have built a reputation in residential and commercial landscape design and construction. We believe strongly in doing things right the first time. There are no shortcuts accepted in our installations. We are proud to say that most of our work we do, is due to a referral from a satisfied customer.

DeWayne does not purchase landscape materials,
block or pavers, or plant material from any big box stores.
More information can be found on our landscape page.

DeWayne has a fully stocked nursery that has the newest and most unique variety of plants that are available. There are no bad plants, just bad sites. We feel strongly that beginning with quality grown plants, in addition to proper site preparation and education about what plants best fit the situation, can make all the success or failure of your plantings.

Please call 715-822-2889 to order. More information can
be found on our landscape page.

DeWayne's Nursery & Turf

We have 20 acres that is dedicated to growing highland sod. Our legal business name is DeWayne's Nursery & Turf, our name and our sod fields were first established in 1983.

We grow it, harvest it, and provide the option of installation. From start to finish, we are here to help. There are no "middle men" to take the bite out of the service and value you can get when buying direct from the grower.

Is sod a good investment? Yes. It's the only way to go....from
bare soil to lush lawn in just hours. Why wait years for grass seed
to compete with weeds and struggle to maturity when you can
have a beautiful sod lawn right now.

A professional sod lawn needs no special care because it is a healthy mature lawn when installed, whereas a seeded lawn requires years of nurturing to reach maturity.

Sod can be installed practically anywhere, even where seeding is impossible or too costly. Sod is often used to stop soil erosion and water pollution on slopes where rain would wash away both seed and soil.

Consumers these days are looking for manageable sizes and
color, color, color, with a side of fruit in their trees and shrubs.

DeWayne's Nursery

Growers of the best of both, old and new varieties since 1983. Open Spring, Summer and Fall for all your seasonal planting needs.

This is the place to go for everything from large landscape trees, evergreen, specialty and dwarf conifers, fruit and ornamental trees to....Shrubs, vines, small fruit and perennials.

There is a growing demand for #25 trees, which we believe is from many homeowners desiring more mature trees. But, of course, color still rules, even when we talk about trees. That's why breeders are turning out trees with longer bloom times, better flowering and multiple season interest.

In addition to to being in flower, the bigger the pot size the better.
People do not want to buy a puny shrub and wait for it to flush out. A
one-gallon shrub, will not give that finished 'always been there' look.

About Our Shrubs

People are choosing smaller versions of long-time favorites but they want them fully grown instantly. People are also requesting shrubs with benefits. Plants that will do something besides looking pretty. Like produce fruit for wildlife, attract birds and are drought tolerant.

But it seems right now, the flashier the better, and if you can get it to bloom in the spring, well, that'd be super too.

DeWayne's Greenhouses

The Best of the 2013 California Spring Trials

Our salesperson is back from California with information on all the new varieties of annual and perennial flowers. From Ball's Coleus Kong Jr.'s, Dummen's Empress Verbenas, Proven WInners Pennisetum Graceful Grasses Fireworks, Red Foxes Potunias and Dahlia XXL's, Selecta's Trixi liners to the new AAS Award-winning Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower we are always trying the newest varieties from breeders around the world.

We carry a wide variety of annuals, perennials, vegetable plants, hanging baskets in many sizes, mixed planters and succulents.

Easy Elegance Little Mischief Shrub Rose

Hardy Roses for Barron County, WI

Like color, fragrance and disease resistance, winter hardiness of roses is a complex subject. Numerous factors such as planting site, maintenance, planting depth, adequate snow cover and temperatures can significantly impact the winter hardiness of any plant. With this in mind, we have chosen shrub roses that are grown on their own roots and are therefore able to come back from the roots even when severe winter damage has occurred.


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