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DeWayne is constantly striving to
improve his business every year and offer the newest and most unique varieties of landscape designs, plants and products. Please stop in and see what DeWayne is up to now.

Established in 1976


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When the holidays arrive, visit DeWayne's Nursery for the finest poinsettia plant selection in town. Whether you're looking for a great gift or decorating your own home of office, our Christmas poinsettias will make the perfect addition to your holiday décor. We carry a variety of poinsettias; traditional red, white, pink, marble, Jingle Bell, and a few painted plants.

Poinsettias are foiled, glittered, and decorated with beautiful ribbons and bows in every color combination so that no two are alike. Give us a call and we can deliver one for you. We deliver to Almena, Barron, Cameron, Comstock, Cumberland, Haugen, Rice Lake and surrounding areas.

Poinsettia Care

Keep your poinsettia plant near a sunny window but they prefer bright filtered light. Provide room temperatures between 65-72 degrees. Water your plant when the soil feels dry to the touch, and use less water but more often. Do not overwater or allow it to sit in standing water and do not fertilize while in bloom. Do not place plants near cold drafts or near heat vents. The widespread belief that poinsettias are poisonous is a misconception. The poinsettia has proven to be a safe plant and is included on the list of houseplants most helpful in removing pollutant from indoor air.

Spruce TopsSold Out for the Season

Spruce tops are a unique evergreen that will add a special touch to your holiday decorating. They can be used to fill planters, hanging baskets, and window boxes. Stop in today and check out the variety of unique decorations made from our Spruce Tops or purchase tops to design your own planters.

Spruce tops are not actually tops of trees. They are shoots that come from the root system of white or black spruce trees. These sprouts grow in bogs in northern Minnesota and Canada. The cutting of spruce tops is licensed by the state of Minnesota and the provinces of Canada.

Decorated Wreaths

Kissing BallsPlease call to order.


Gift Cards Available

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